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Colonia del Sacramento

Cologne of the Sacramento, colonial beauty of Uruguay. Historical patrimony of the Humanity.

Cologne of the Sacramento, named in the local way like Cologne, is the capital of the department of Cologne, Uruguay. Located to few kilometers to the southeast in the confluence of the river Uruguay and the River Plate.

It is one of the most charming and attractive places of this country that the visitors can know. A miscellany without equal of historical past, amazing ancient constructions, and magnificent environments turn it in the only city

Also Cologne offers to his visitors other areas to know, as many proposals. The tourists who approach to this city can choose between a big variety of hotels, restaurants, pubs, coffees, and places that they provide with tourist information.


Cologne of the Sacramento was founded like city for the year 1680, by the Portuguese forces that were supervised by the field Teacher D. Manuel Lobo, who invaded the country during the above mentioned epoch. Many of his constructions were realized during the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, and many of them are supported even nowadays, being one of the principal delight of the city.

Also I happen for other important historical events. Shortly after the Portugueses were invading Cologne, the Spanish began to fight against them for the city. During this period of time until the beginning of the XIXth century, Cologne happened of being under the orders of the Portugueses and to be under the control of the Spanish in several opportunities.

Cologne of the Sacramento is a city that preserves his original characteristics without modifying, of such form that his streets are still done of paving stones or stones bricks with lanterns to the sides and surrounded with the only colonial buildings.

Hearth of the most ancient constructions of Uruguay and of a big historical wealth, to the gait for his streets breathes all this past.

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Cologne is an Uruguayan department that is placed in the south-west of the country, on the coast where there end the rivers Parana and Uruguay.

Colonia, Colonia, capital
Colonia Valdense

Colonia Valdense

Cologne Valdense, it is an Uruguayan city located in the department of Cologne.

Colonia, Colonia Valdense
Juan Lacaze

Juan Lacaze

Juan L. Lacaze is a city of the department of Cologne, Uruguay.

Colonia, Juan Lacaze


Rosary, it is an Uruguayan city that finds located in the southeast of the department of Cologne, next to Piece of news Helvecia and to 130 km from the national capital, Montevideo.

Colonia, Rosario
Real de San Carlos

Real de San Carlos

The magnificence of his panoramic conference; the friendly shade of his forests, the solitary square with his enormous ogives, his immense evocative amphitheater of the enchanting spectacle, the quiet...

Colonia, Real de San Carlos


It is the second city of the department in what it recounts population and tourist attractions.

Colonia, Carmelo

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